Sprigmaster Ii 48 & 52 sod to Sprigs sprigs



Sod to sprigs sprigging machine. Processes slabs, Minnie rolls and big rolls

Of sod into sprigs and plants all in one pass.


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Text Box: Sprigging, has long been practiced, ounce done by hand it is for the most part sprigged by machines today. Our patented Sod to Sprigs concept has been around now for 10 years. It serves our customer needs very well. Designed to handle slabs, Minnie rolls and big rolls on sports fields, golf courses and sod farms. 

The SprigMaster II has spread around the world. For references contact KWMI
Text Box: This Small Sod to Sprigs Sprigger is just what you have been needing to get that sprigging job completed with quality work. Check out the following two videos: 

SprigMaster II Sod to Sprigs 48” and 52” 

Minimum Till Sprigging    
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Patent sold to KWMI January 1st 2012,

Jesse Grimsley still assists KWMI in sales and consulting.