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Rhizome and sprig harvesting and planting equipment to meet the demanding needs of a diverse customer

at home and internationally. No-Till, Sod to Sprigs, Sprig Washer, Fairway broadcast sprigger, etc.








Miscanthus Gigantius

Text Box: AS of January 1st 2012 The physical parts of Sprigger’s Choice, Inc. were sold to two separate businesses. I did not sale the name. 

Spriggers Choice will still be selling machines, parts and consulting customers for the business that acquired SCI Physical facilities until further notice.  This will be transacted through Sprigger’s Choice. Sales and Consulting. 

42 years at farming, custom sprigging service and design and manufacturing, sales lends to Jesse Grimsley, CEO Sprigger's Choice, Inc. too naturally  bring you the information and technology to establish Rhizome and Sprig crops such as Bermuda Grass, Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine, Blue Grass, Miscanthus. We strive to offer you the best farm tough Sprig, Rhizome harvesting and sprigging, planting equipment on the market. We search out other’s wisdom, listen to our customers, and share with research schools and companies. 
We offer a wide range of  rhizome and sprig harvesting and planting equipment. We have a line of patented Sod to Sprigs equipment just for the Turf and Sod industry.
While you are here let your fingers do the walking and come on in and visit our site then contact us. 
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Miscanthus Gigantius


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